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cropped-No-Cash-Day.jpgNo Cash Day is a project launched in 2011 to raise public awareness on the use of digital payment, leveraging the negative aspects of paying with cash. Despite the complexity of the issues addressed, the strength of the event comes from the universality and linearity of the message, understood by all. The goal is to spread the culture of the epayment and stimulate the public to make a conscious choice when they make the payment.

The format was created by Geronimo Emili and since 2013 onwards the initiative is promoted by CashlessWay, the italian association for the ePayment Culture.

EDITION 1 – The first edition of No Cash Day was organized on 21h June 2011 in Rome and it was presented a research on the environmental impact of the banknote. On that occasion we launched the competition “Bye Bye Cash”: 6 bloggers, 1 week using nothing but a pre-paid card.

EDITION 2 – Same date, 21h June 2012, but in Milan with the Patronage of the Lombardy Region. The focus was on innovative payment systems and a we presented a survey on the relationship of Italians with electronic money.

EDITION 3 – Went back in Rome and we started to change the date, in this case 24th June 2013. In the the 3rd edition have participated World Bank and Italian Central Bank to discuss the costs of cash.

EDITION 4 – Organize on 26th June 2014 it was a truly innovative edition: for the first time, Bitcoin entered Montecitorio (Italian Chamber od Deputies) and it was the first public hearing on the issue. Live connection with LUISS EnLabs (incubator) in Rome for the activation of the first Bitcoin ATM in Italy.

EDITION 5 – Last 8th June 2015 it was organize the 5th edition of No Cash Day, again in Montecitorio, and the light shed on the development of e-Payment in public services. Council and board members from major cities, companies and institutions participated. The survey led by CashlessWay was presented by AGID (Italian Digital Agenda).

EDITION 6 – This is the 1st No Cash Day European edition held in Copenhagen last 5th April 2016. Geronimo Emili, president of the Italian association CashlessWay, invited the UK payments expert, Dave Birch to deliver the Manifesto for Cashlessness in Europe to advise European politicians to take cashless seriously and put forward concrete and reasonable plans to achieve effective cashlessness. They presented the document at Money2020 Europe, the fintech congress held in Copenhagen from 4 to 7 April.

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