8th November 2018

Don't forget...


27th June 2017
Don’t forget…forget cash!


No Cash Day is a public call to stop using cash over a 24-hour period to offer the opportunity to reflect on the issue of financial inclusion and cultural change offered by digital money as an opportunity to overcome the boundaries between people, countries and languages; as constant technological revolution; as redefinition of relationships between citizens and institutions.

No Cash Day grows with a call addressed to everyone; citizens, media, companies, associations, and institutions with a very simple request: on June 27th, 2017 don’t forget: Forget cash! 24 hours to figure out much further there is yet to go in this sense and how useful it could be in creating a more balanced relationship between cash and ePayment.

Anyone can participate in the initiative! The invitation is aimed at stimulating inclusion. Participate in No Cash Day with a viral idea that can establish contact with other people: from a simple tweet (#nocashday6) to an idea for an event, a conference, a flash-mob, a press release, an article, a meeting with your employees, etc. There is no limit to the imagination!


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